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The Edmonton Sun
August 21, 2000

Comic moments punctuate drama

Refugees is a compassionate exploration of freedom and the American dream, seen through the eyes of women who have lived through nightmares in their own countries. It's based on true stories, and the result is thought-provoking theatre.

- Mike Ross

Vue Weekly
August 24, 2000

As a one-woman show, Satie captures the dreams and experiences of her immigrant and refugee students in a very poignant and heartfelt manner that is neither quaint not excessively emotional. ...Satie handles the accents with ease and fleshes out each character with absolute precision. As an actress and writer she is spectacular. 4 stars

- IM

The Edmonton Journal
August 21, 2000

Teacher becomes student in this sensitive and challenging solo show about human identity and belonging. ...a master of her craft.

- Richard Helm

See Magazine
August 22, 2000

5 stars Satie expertly exposes how cultures can oppress, and why that oppression is allowed to continue. Well written and directed.

- Paul Andrews